How Does IT Become a Partner With The Business?

Business Partners

  • Can you be a business partner at your first meeting? No
  • Can you act like a business partner at your first meeting? Yes, by understanding their business…
  • Do you have time to be a business partner with everyone at all levels within the business? You decide. If no… Who then?

Your business is asking,

  • “Why do our applications cost so much?”
  • “For what we spend in IT, why can’t we implement more changes, faster?”
  • “Why does everything take so long?”
  • “Why aren’t more human and financial resources available for new business innovation?”
  • “What am I going to get for spending another $$$ with IT?”

You respond, “A lot.”

“How much?”

“A whole bunch!”

Point is, the business will always low-ball the amount of value, based on your past performance. IT must know the benefit to the business (articulated in the business case submitted — not just costs!). How confident are you about the benefit to the business?

If the business truly doesn’t see the value – then IT needs to change that view, because IT isn’t going to reduce their cost at the expense of their own organization. Remember, moving up the change of command – the higher you go the more ‘they’ will appreciate value — more & more & more – the higher you go. Anybody can get up the chain ONCE! But you better bring your (quantifiable) value…

See you in the future…

Frank Wood

Executive Transformation Strategist


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