Transformation Deliverables That Deliver Business Value

Does this sound familiar?

How many of your colleagues call ‘their buddy’ in IT whenever they need something? Who’s the business owner of the application(s) you use every day? Do you own an app that will perform (fill in the blank)? If no, then it’s a manual activity, correct?

Decreased OpEx: Why do I have to key in this data manually when it’s available from (fill in the blank)? Why are there so many timesheets? Why are my IT chargebacks so high?

Improved business case development: Who struggles with estimating benefits in a business case? Does any application really operate for free?

Lower support costs: How many people work on reporting each month? What % of my staff’s time is spent on the ERP system? Can it be reduced? Why is my app not available?

Reduced complexity, redundancy, cost: How many apps do you use that are not supported by IT? What app houses the ‘single point of truth’? Is part of your job the ‘manual interface’ between applications?

Improved business support: Why can’t we get rid of this old dying system? Why can’t we upgrade this one? Why can’t we expand the functionality of these two?

Improved investment decisions: Why are my requests never funded? In the last year, we’ve successfully completed every request by the business but strategically, we haven’t moved the needle. Why?

Improved business support strategy: What’s the plan? Where are we headed?

Greater efficiencies: Why’d we invest in that? Why do most projects run over budget? We spend the budget but never realize the benefits. Why?

Increased decision making ability: Who should be involved in this decision? We’ve got all this data, now what do we do with it? How do we reduce costs / risk exposure?

Is there anyone that delivers answers to ALL these questions during a typical assessment?

Yes. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll see you in the future…

Frank Wood

Executive Transformation Strategist


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